1. You like the cover
  2. You like the title
  3. It is by your favorite author
  4. It is by an author you know and like
  5. It is by an author you heard of, but never read
  6. You never heard of the author, but want to try something new
  7. The back cover seemed interesting
  8. You really like this type of book
  9. You have never tried this type of book before and want to read something new
  10. It was recommended by a friend, parent, or teacher
  11. The first couple of pages are really good
  12. It is part of a series you like
  13. You need the information in the book
  14. You want to learn something in the book
  15. The book is made from a movie or TV series you like
  16. The book is based on a movie or TV series you like
  17. You heard about the book (on TV, the radio, poster, overheard friends talking)
  18. The book is an award winner
  19. The book is thin
  20. The book is thick
  21. It is a book you started before, but didn’t have time to finish