Authors sometimes use other books and writings as references. These references are listed in a bibliography, in which the author, title, publisher, and date are given for each source. A bibliography is a good place to look if you want to read more about a particular topic. A long bibliography may be at the back of a book, or shorter lists may appear at the end of each chapter.
The basic organization of a bibliography is alphabetical, although entries can be grouped by the type of reference materials used: books, encyclopedias, magazines. If the author’s name is not given, list the title first and alphabetize it by the first important word of the title.

You can format your bibliography easily by going to or
These websites ask for the required information for each different type of bibliographic entry and then formats each one correctly.

The bibliography for this project should be the last slide of the PowerPoint, or after the other info on a triboard or poster.

African American Heroes Project