African American Heroes Presentation

Directions: Choose a famous African American and create a PowerPoint presentation, a Prezi, or a poster/triboard display. Your project will include the following important facts. Your PowerPoint presentation must include at least the 8 slides listed below (triboard will contain the same information). These will be presented to the class (4 minute max.) on Monday, 23 February 2015 and Tuesday, 24 February 2015. Order of presentations will be randomly chosen. Everyone should be ready by 23 February 2015.

Slide 1
Title slide
 African American’s name
 Your name
 Teacher’s name
 Class period

Slide 2
 African American’s complete name
 Picture
 Source

Slide 3
 Birthdate
 Birthplace
 Parents and Family
 Source

Slide 4
 Education
 Picture
 Source

Slide 5
 Profession
 Three accomplishments
 Source

Slide 6
 Awards
 Source

Slide 7
 Death (if applicable)
 Source

If you would like to supply one or more original slides with additional information (such as a quote), you may do so. Please follow the format of the other slide when doing so. Make sure the information is relevant.

Last Slide
 Bibliography
The bibliography must be done alphabetically listing all web pages used in the presentation.

African American Heroes Project