A great number of the words we use today (half or more) have their roots in two languages: Greek and Latin. To helo my students learn to read, write, and comprehend better, we are going to undertake a year-long study of words that derive from these two languages.

Every week I am going to give my students a list of 10 roots to learn. I'll assign them each Friday and they will have until the following Friday to complete any required activities.

I will expect students to have each week's root words on flash cards that they will keep throughout the year. The flashcard will have the root word on one side and the definition on the other.

Three-Ring Binders
I will expect them to have a section of their 3-ring binder for root words. Each page will contain the following: the root word written largely and clearly at the top of the page. Making it colorful would also help. The page will also have the definition i give them, whether the word originally comes from Greek or Latin, variations of the root word, and a list of words they come across that use that root word. Most of the information can be found at wordinfo.info .

To help you study, I have created a class on Quizlet.com. To autojoin the class click here.

Each Friday, you will take a quiz, which will count as a minor grade. All quizzes are cumulative. The first will have 10 words. The second quiz will have twenty. After that, each quiz will have twenty-five words that will be taken from any of the word sets we have completed. Every third week there will be a test covering ALL words studied; this will be a major grade.

GLR Set One--Quiz One 8/18/17
GLR Set Two--Quiz Two 8/25/17
TEST ONE-covers all sets--9/01/17
GLR Set Three--Quiz Three 9/08/17
GLR Set Four--Quiz Three 9/15/17
TEST TWO-covers all sets--9/22/17
GLR Set Five--Quiz Five 9/29/17
GLR Set Six--Quiz Six 10/13/17
TEST THREE--covers all sets--10/20/17
GLR Set Seven--Quiz Seven--10/27/17
GLR Set Eight--Quiz Eight--11/03/17
TEST FOUR--covers all sets--11/09/17
GLR Set Nine--Quiz Nine--11/17/17
GLR Set Ten--Quiz Ten--12/01/17

Rooting Out Words

The idea I based this vocabulary study on is called Vocabulary Etymology (VETY) and was originated by New York City teacher Ted Nellen. Here is his original VETY page.