Poetry Project:

  • You are going to create a poetry presentation that I will put online.
  • You will use the types of poems below.
  • You must write a first draft of at least TEN different types of poem. You may choose to do more in order to possibly get a higher grade.
  • In order to count as a completed draft, it must follow the rules for that type of poem.
  • You must show these to me, written on your own paper before you go to the next step.
  • For your poetry presentation, you will choose at least FIVE of your best to go into it. You may choose to do more in order to possibly get a higher grade.
  • To accomplish this you need to choose a THEME to which all of your poems relate.
  • Before you choose your poems, you must let me know what your theme is going to be.
  • You will need to illustrate your project and make it colorful and attractive to look at.
  • Make sure to acknowledge the source of your graphics.
  • Your poems must be easily readable--I will judge that--if you aren't sure, ask me.
  • This will count as a major grade.
  • Since this is a project, the grade will not be able to be dropped.

  • All work turned in is to be original.
  • Any work plagiarized from anywhere will cause your grade to be a zero, with plagiarism noted in the electronic gradebook.


First Slide: Design it how you want but it must say:
“First Name Last name’s Poetry Project”
Slide 2: Label it “Table of Contents” Example
Come back to this slide when you are finished with the project. It should list the following information: title of poem, type of poem. This should be in the order you have them in your presentation. If you can make a link from this slide to the poem, that would be helpful.
Slide 3-8 (more if you have more poems): There should be one poem per slide. Each slide must have the title of the poem, poem, an illustration.
Last Slide: Author’s Bio. Write this section like you would see an author’s bio on the back cover of a book. Example


  1. Portrait Poem (Pick One)
  2. Acrostic Poem
  3. Cherita
  4. Cinquain
  5. Diamante
  6. Favorite Place Poem (A new one, not the one you already did in class.)
  7. Fibonacci Poem
  8. Free Verse
  9. Gogyohka (example)
  10. Haiku
  11. Hay(na)ku
  12. Kwansaba
  13. Lanturne (example)
  14. List Poem
  15. Quinzaine (example)
  16. Recipe Poem
  17. Rispetto (example)
  18. Rondolet
  19. Sestina (example)
  20. Shadorma
  21. Sonnet
  22. Tabloid Headline Poem
  23. Tanka
  24. Tritina (example)
  25. Villanelle

Helpful Links

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