Write the root words and definitions five times each

For each root word: find three words that have that root and define those words.

Write a poem that correctly uses at least one word for each root.

Write a short story. In the story, correctly use at least one word containing each of the roots.

Make a flash card for each word. Write the root word neatly on one side and the definition neatly on the other.

Using at least three words for each root word, make a word find puzzle.

Find out if the root word was originally Greek or Latin
(Those are the
ONLY two choices)

Using at least two words for each root, create a crossword puzzle (include a key)

For each root, find two words that use it and write two sentences correctly using each word.

This board includes many different activities to help you practice your vocabulary words. You must choose at least three of the activities to complete for weekly homework. The activities must make a tic-tac-toe line: horizontal, vertical, or diagonal three in a row. Please mark your choices with crayon, marker, etc. Parents are encouraged to assist you as needed to make homework a positive learning experience. This sheet should be turned in on Wednesday. Have fun!

If you want to print out a copy, click here:

Greek and Latin Root Words Page